The Year Ahead on TrailsNW

February 01, 2012

As spring rapidly approaches, I am once again thinking of updates and improvements to TrailsNW.  I never have quite as much time as I would like to devote to the site, but I have a few main areas that I am focusing on currently:

Finish Up the Series on the Best Sections of the PCT
The summer blogging season ended before I revealed the final two best stretches of the PCT, and I know that many are waiting in full suspense of what the final two stretches are!  Coming soon, the conclusion to the five part blog series on the best stretches of the PCT!

The Blog, and Looking for Contributors
I would love for TrailsNW to have great articles and content continually added, creating a fun and informative website covering a wide range of topics related to the outdoors, whether hiking, backpacking, kayaking, climbing, etc...  If you have had some great adventures and would like to share, or if you are a writer looking to get some exposure, send me an email and let's add your stories to the site! 

Updates to Trail Submission Process
The trail submission process has been in need of some updates for quite some time.  Even as the website creator, it's a bit daunting to actually write up a trail description and post it to the website.  Coming soon is an easier system that will hopefully increase the total number of trails on the website and increase member activity.

Design Updates and Refinement
It's been over seven years since the current version of TrailsNW has been live.  While a major overhaul is currently not possible, I am planning on making some design updates to at least freshen the website up and modernize some of the areas that are needing some attention.

New Pages and Content
TrailsNW is a pretty expansive website, and it seems as though much of the great content is hidden away and only discoverable to those who really dig around.  I am hoping to bring some of this content to the forefront, and the first order of business will be to make some of the great images that have been added to the website over the years easier to browse and explore.

Anything Else?
If there is a feature you would like to see, a bug you would like fixed, or any other suggestions for making TrailsNW an even better website, just send me a quick email and tell me about it.


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By EthanBorden on 02/02/2012  22:05

It would be nice to have a simple mobile version of this site. If I had your backend info, I would just create it my self ;)


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By EthanBorden on 02/02/2012  22:08

You should have a instagram page where you show all the photos hash tagged as #trailsnw


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By Forrest on 02/06/2012  20:36

Thanks Ethan, I would love to do a mobile version. Unfortunately that would be a whole lotta work, so that currently probably isn't too likely -- and trust me, I'm sure you don't want to work with the backend of TrailsNW! I'll look into the instagram page, sounds interesting and probably a good way to spread the TrailsNW empire!


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