Paddling the Heart of America

June 07, 2012

A fellow hiker from the Pacific Creast Trail (2007 alum), Daniel “Out of Order” Alvarez, is about to embark on another great adventure. This time he's not hitting the trails, but the waterways for a 4,000 mile kayaking trip from the northern tip of Minnesota to Key West, Florida and he needs our help. Out of Order's kayaking trip is a finalist for Outside Magazine's Adventure Grant and he need votes to win.

The voting is on facebook at and his trip is "PADDLING THE HEART OF AMERICA." You can vote once a day and the contest ends on the 17th, so if you let's start voting now and invite all our friends!

For more information about Daniel and his trip, check out his blog at:

We're voting for you Out of Order/Daniel!

The Northwest Angle to Key West - Kayaking 4,000 miles across the United States from D. Alvarez on Vimeo.


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