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Trail Name Length Max Ele Region
Clear Fork Loop 29 mi 3300' South Washington Cascades
Goat Lake 12.5 mi 6500' South Washington Cascades
Goat Lake 2 15 mi 6600' South Washington Cascades
McCall Basin 6 mi 5146' Washington Cascades
Nannie Ridge/Walupt Lake 13 mi 5900' South Washington Cascades
Packwood Lake 9 mi 3200' South Washington Cascades
Shoe Lake 6 mi 6500' Washington Cascades
Surprise Lake 13 mi 6000' South Washington Cascades

Located between Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier, the Goat Rocks offer spectacular alpine scenery; beautiful meadows, clear lakes, mountainous peaks, and expansive views. The Goat Rocks feel unique for this part of the Cascades; unlike the singular volcanoes, such as Rainier, Adams, and Hood, the Goat Rocks is a string of peaks along a jagged spine that is really it's own mountain range.

A number of great loop trips and trails offer access to the area, giving access to Goat Lake, Snowgrass Flat, McCall Basin, and Mt. Gilbert. While the Goat Rocks do receive a fair number of visitors, it is often quieter than other adjacent wilderness areas that are more easily accessed by the Northwest's metropolitan centers.

Goat Lake Falls (Photo By Forrest)

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