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By LandofRath on 04/19/2012  12:26

 I almost bought something similar to this for my GF but Ive heard there are trails (like Wonderland) that wont let you use it because of the wheel..
Being able to take half the weight off you would be an awesome advantage for people that refuse to leave there 3lb+ camera and extra gear at home:)

I would love to be wrong about this but ive heard it on more than one occasion which makes me hesitant.. I do love how you made it easier to bring to your back for things like stream crossings though. Excellent thought proccess there:)


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By mountainman on 03/02/2012  08:19

I;m not sure it is something I would use but, good work!  Not many people think outside of the box like this.  It really isn't a bad idea, the problem will be in convincing people that this system is worth switching from their conventional backpack.  good luck in your endevours.


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By GGUISTHAU on 11/16/2011  03:45

What are the differences between the Trekkady and the other products existing ?

-Optimized portability : it is therefore a new type of backpack traveling off-road and not gear that must be worn in addition to the backpack (print overload which cancels the positive effects ; demeaning image the wheelbarrow ...).

-Transition « carried-pulled » facilitated : the implementation is more intuitive and faster (5 seconds) since the passage from carried to pulled (and vice versa) does not require removing the backpack.

-Maneuverability : the balance of the assembly is achieved without using hands.

+ protected freedom of movement (the third generation in progress).
The set (bag included) currently weighs 4.5 kg, but I'm working on a new version much lighter (about 3 kg) and equally robust. This backpack "rolling" is rather used for hiking and trekking for several days, or for people who have difficulties to carry for more than 12 kg. It is obviously not intended for hikers in the day.


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By GGUISTHAU on 11/02/2011  03:10



He who never thought to leave his backpack at the turn of a path cast the first stone.

For my part, I must admit that it has too often crossed my mind during my travels.

Until there was light!

Damn, but it's obvious! Yet who would think to buy a suitcase without wheels while a few years ago, each of us cursed this thing of torture just out of prehistory? And on what grounds the backpack is it excluded from the theory of evolution?

So I took the time to my position and very modestly, to imagine a backpack rolling on all types of terrain that I could finally get back on the trail in good conditions!

And this is the fruit not yet ripe for this work.
After holding a trial for a crossing of Iceland about 350 km on foot with 35 kg, and 400 km with 26 kg in the Pyrenees last summer for use at 70% HRP, snowfields and mountain passes, I am convinced interest of the Trekkady. But there is some places where it could be better to carry, hence the interesting switching from mode pulled without removing worn in 5 seconds (with a little experience).

As a reminder, as my creation has given rise to a probationary deposit of authorship in 2010 (legally valid in the Berne Union) and as technical solutions are not described in this video, there is no public disclosure, so I can always file a patent later (the subtleties of Intellectual Property ...).






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