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By Aeritus on 04/25/2010  10:08

Hey gang. I've been trying to find good topographic maps for some of the areas I want to hike (mostly around N. Snohomish County) but I'm comming up short. Google Earth gives me a rough image, but I want some clear details, and would rather not have to print it out. Any suggestions on a site, or local store (again, north snohomish county) that sells detailed, topographic maps? Thanks!



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By Adam on 04/25/2010  20:57

Greentrails covers pretty much all of Oregon and Washington.


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By erlall on 04/30/2010  19:27

National Geographic offers some CDs/Mapping Software (which i use) and you can download it directly to your GPS (depending upon what type of GPS you have).  It is pretty convenient. 

good luck.


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