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By Adam on 04/12/2011  12:02

Hey forrest, is there a way to private message members of the site.  If not, it may be a nice feature.  Someone may want to inquire about another members trail post, exchange contact info, send hike invitations, ect.


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By Forrest on 04/12/2011  12:36

There currently isn't a private message feature -- I have been seeing the need for this feature for quite some time and fully agree that in a lot of ways, it's very necessary.  I'll see if I can devote some time to this over the next couple of weeks and get this set up.


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By Forrest on 06/19/2011  22:02

It took me a longer than what I was hoping, but I have added a private messaging feature to the site.  On the message board, if you are logged in, there is now a 'Send Private Message' link below the poster's name, and on each member home page as well.  Also, by default, the website will email you if there is a private message waiting for you (your email isn't shown to the recipient), but you can turn this feature off by going to the 'Settings' page when logged in.

Let me know if anyone encouters any bugs or errors when using this new feature.



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