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By xterra on 06/26/2011  19:27

I have read alot of info about 2p backpacking tents, but I need some advise on which one would be the warrmest. 


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By D-Money on 06/28/2011  04:18

So a brand new tent out this year is the Salida 2 by Kelty. I have done quite a bit of reaserch on this tent and my father has purchased it ,so ive got to see it up close. This is a very light weight 2 person tent weighing in at around 03.12 lbs. I have found the material to be of good quality and seams to have plenty of room. the only downfall i can find with it, is that there is only one door. But for the $160.00 price tag you have to expect a few comprimises. defanitly well worth the money.  Backpacker.com has a short video reviewing this tent, which you can also view at the Kelty website.

Although if money is not an option then I would spend the extra 100 dollors for the Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL2. Your paying more for the silicone treatment and the extra door. but also the lighter more efficiant stakes that come with the Big Agnes. Also this is going to be the better built product that last in the long haul. I personally own several Big Agnes products and have been happy with all of them.

Above all, do some research and look at what suits your needs and budget. A really big help with this is Backpacker.com they have a  "gear finder" and although it does not have everything it will get you looking in the right direction. Happy hunting!


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By Adam on 06/30/2011  18:21

The warmest tents will be four season double walled tents, but these aren't very practicle for everyday backpacking.  The less space, the warmer.  Your body heat will be generating the warmth in the tent.   If you tend to sleep cold, I would suggest a candle lantern with a nine hour candle and/ or place a hot water bottle in you sleeping bag.


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