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By Gummy on 07/20/2011  01:17

I am in seach of a rain fly for my hammock. I use the grand trunk skeeterbeeter pro, the dimensions are 10.5 by 5 feet. I currently use 2 footprints for tents but its not the best system in the world, and a normal tarp is to loud and bulky. Is there any ideas besides the 70-130$ emo ones? 


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By Adam on 07/20/2011  16:26

If you or someone you know can sew, go buy a large peice of coated ripstop from the fabric store.  A simple A-frame with loops to attach lines to.


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By erlall on 07/21/2011  11:39

If I can make a suggestion to Gummy - go to this web-site:   http://www.seattlefabrics.com/

You can buy everything you will need to either, make yourself or have them make for you, the rain tarp.  Great place. 

You might also try:  rainy pass repair (also in Seattle):     http://www.rainypass.com/index.htm

Good luck,



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