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By chasdad on 02/05/2012  16:28

My buddies & I are planning a trip for this July. We are looking for a hike 20-30 miles in length. We are thinking about flying into Portland or Seattle.  We are seasoned hikers with years of experience.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks Charlie


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By Forrest on 02/06/2012  20:44

You should have plenty of great options, and with the low snow year, I wouldn't imagine you would have any issues.  Some of my favorites include the Northern Loop Trail , High Divide, and anything in the North Cascades.


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By erlall on 02/12/2012  19:45

If you decide to fly into Seattle, I can recommend any number of hikes. 



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By chasdad on 02/22/2012  19:41

Thanks for the help Forrest


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By Adam on 02/22/2012  20:21

Apply for an Enchantments Permit.


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