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By mountainman on 02/29/2012  16:18

I have recently be intrigued by the idea of multi-purposing/improvising/making my own gear for the purpose of saving space and overall weight.

one thing i have done is replace my plastic water bottles with some single walled stainless ones that fit on top of my stove so i don't have to brin g a pot.

I have also contemplated replacing my sleeping pad with one of those foil lined car windshield sun shades.  the idea is obviously to save weight and space.  it will not be nearly as comfy but, it will reflect heat back to me and will provide a barier between me and the ground.

I replaced my knife and mini-tool kit with a leatherman tool...self explanatory

I have down graded my water filter with a small and light gravity system instead of the larger pump system i was using.

What have you guys done to save weight/space?


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By Forrest on 03/01/2012  08:09

You got some good strategies there mountainman -- I don't think I could do it, but the sun shade as sleeping pad is pretty interesting. 

It's been a long time since I've refined my list, and I should probably do it again one of these days.  I generally carry around a heavy stove, when something lighter like a pocket rocket would probably save quite a bit of weight.  For a while I was considering making a small alcohol stove, but don't think I'll go that far.  I have been intrigued by gravity water filtration, probably something I'll switch to one of these days. 

I also like taking a good camera, and generally take my old canon digital rebel, but have  been drooling over  smaller and lighter options.  They have some incredibly small interchangeable lens cameras these days that I would love to switch over to.


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By mountainman on 03/01/2012  10:22

i have though about getting a pocket rocket or something similar...but i love my jetboil, so it stays.

and i always bring my camera, i have an eight year old digital camera (was really nice when new) and now i can get all the same features and better quallity from a camera 1/4 the size and weight, so i'll have to invest in a new one.

I also thought about making a small (fits into an almond can) alcohol stove, but as i stated above, i have gotten used to the luxery of my jetboil.  i think i'll still make one and take it on high mileage trips only.


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