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By erlall on 03/07/2012  07:16

I just bought a LightHeart SoLong 6 tent with an added wedge.  I am excited to use it.... just gotta wait a little longer for a little more heat along with ocean or the snow to melt a little higher up!  It is a ultra-light that uses your trekking poles for support.  Less than 2 lbs and I am sure I could sleep with me and my dog or pack inside the tent....

*Does anyone have any experience with this tent?  Here is a link to their site: 

So, I have the SoLong for my 1 person, have a GoLite Eden 2 for my 2 person tent.  I like having the 3 poles for support and stability.  Then I have a Big Agnus 3 person for longer 2 person treks...then a Black Diamond Mega Light for my 3-4 person (or my other spacious 2 person) tent.  I had my wife sew in some mesh lining to the tarp for bug protection and have yet to ever use the bug nest (I have it, just do not need it).  Then for the family I have a GoLite Shangra La 6+ tent.  It is huge and light weight!  5 of us can fit in there with our packs and the dog!   Geezzz, I look like a tent junkie.......I guess the first step is admitting the problem.... ha-ha-ha

What does everyone else use for their tents?  What do they like about them and what do they dislike? 

Papa Sherpa


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By mountainman on 03/09/2012  21:43

so it just uses your trecking poles and tie down tension for set up? neat idea.

I have been thinking about the REI passage 2.  light, cheap, simple, proven

I would go with a one man tent but i usually go with a buddy or at least a dog or two.


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By Forrest on 03/10/2012  10:21

Quote by: 'erlall'
Geezzz, I look like a tent junkie.......I guess the first step is admitting the problem.... ha-ha-ha

Yup...total tent junkie, but I guess there are worse things to be :).  I should really look into lighter tent options one of these days.  We quite like our tent (REI quarter dome), but its not the lightest thing in the world, and I really like the idea of utilizing gear multiple times -- using your trekking poles as the tent structure makes a lot of sense.


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By erlall on 03/12/2012  06:56

Ok, so the therapy sessions appear to be working......I just sold my 3-person tent (tear in eye) - So I have taken the 2nd step forward to curing my illness.... (big sigh)

Actually, the 3-person tent was used quite a bit - It gave me the right amount of room for longer or colder weather hikes with 2 people.  I just love the weight and the protection of the 4-person - I will take the money from the sale and buy a floor for the tarp and have my wife sew a mesh lining around the lower section of the tarp - now I have a 4 person tent, with bug protection, at just about 3 lbs.  In fact, if I use my trekking poles as the main support - the tent will be well under 3 lbs.  

Now I just need the weather to clear here in WA...! 


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By mountainman on 03/12/2012  13:44

Quote by: 'erlall'

Now I just need the weather to clear here in WA...! 

good luck with that!  besides, how will you know that your tent can handle some weather unless you test it in the weather?  lol  keep your socks dry!


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By GearJunkie91 on 03/28/2012  08:41

I guess that i have a big problem then. i have 7 tents worth mentioning and a bivy.

Sierra Designs Strech Dome CD 3man 4 season
Sierra Designs Tiros 1 2man 4 season
Sierra Designs Meteor Lite CD 2man 3 season
Sierra designs Shpinx 2man 3 season
Sierra designs Light Year CD 1man 3 season
Mountain Hardware Lightwedge 3 3man 3 season
Then North Face Tadpole 2man 3 season

Mountain Hardware Etherial bivy 1man 3season

Hennessy Hammock 1man 3 season

there i have a problem and yes i am a sierra designs junkie


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By erlall on 03/28/2012  11:30

Hey GearJunkie91 ~

Thanks, I feel better.   ha-ha-ha

....at least I know I am not the only one...... (I suppose if people can consider alcoholism a disease, then I can I say owning numerous tents is a disease)


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