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By paul.wolterman on 05/04/2012  16:04

2 friends and I plan on hiking this route, 1-way not round trip, in hopefully 1 day.  It would be Friday, May 25th, obviously starting early morning.  Think this is possible?  I am a little nervous bout this one.


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By Forrest on 05/04/2012  17:47

Hello Paul -- During the summer, depending on your physical condition it could be done probably without too many problems.  However, May 25th is probably a little early for a 'hike'.  I'm not sure if you are planning part of this as a snowshoe -- there is currently 18 inches of snow at Marion Forks (2600'), and I think you will be crossing at least 5000' to get over the pass -- so you will encounter a lot of snow.

Current Snow Depths:


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By paul.wolterman on 05/11/2012  16:26

Hey thanks for that response.  My buddies are planning it and asked me to join.  I dont think they know of the snow at all.  They did the hike from Jack Lake to Three Fingered Jack and back in about 10-11 hours.  I'm just skeptical about it being a 1 day hike.  Whatever pointers i can get would be helpful.


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