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By bhaver1 on 06/05/2012  09:10

I'm new to Oregon and have a backpacking trip planned for the end of July/beginning of August along the PCT from Mt Hood, traveling south. I was considering just using a tarp shelter, but then I heard that the bugs could be bad that time of year..? Does anyone have any experience hiking that area during that season?? Do you think a tent is important? 


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By Forrest on 06/05/2012  10:07

I'm a tent backpacker -- but have seen plenty of people using just tarps and do just fine.  I know they make bug netting that can be utilized with tarp tents -- I would think this would be worth it because the bugs can be quite bad.  I'm not sure how far you are going, but I recall the area south of the Three Sisters as being quite bad (lots of lakes).


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By rexryman on 06/09/2012  21:26

I hike south washington and north oregon often in the mid summer. I never bring a tent i have a hommade tarp tent and a sheet of 5ftx6ft mesh net that i clip on tothe inside of my tarp cover my face and upper body when i am laying down. It rolls up and i am able to keep it in a pouch the size of a zip lock.
I can attest there ARE alot of bugs out there but not enough to NEED a tent



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By Forrest on 06/10/2012  14:23

Sounds like a good setup rexryman -- one of these days I'll shed some of my bulky gear and go lighter!


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