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By JimboPalmer on 08/30/2012  03:16

I am looking to fly into Seattle and hike from the Dosewallips to the east fork of the Quinault.

Does anyone know of a Olympic Peninsula company that relocates your vehicle?


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By erlall on 09/01/2012  14:19

you might consider yo-yo'ing the trip.... it is a beautiful hike and, if you have time, you would enjoy it both ways....

just a thought.  have fun.


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By Forrest on 09/03/2012  21:20

I would imagine it would be difficult to find a car relocation service for this.  Another option would be to do a lolipop loop, hike over to the Enchanted Valley, and then hike down over O'Neil Pass, into the Duckabush, and then back to the Dosewallips.  Not quite the same I know, but probably easier than finding a shuttle.  With this, you could also see some more great alpine country.


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