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The Best Sections of the PCT: #3 Central Oregon Cascades

Being from Portland, we have experienced quite a bit of the central Oregon Cascades random hikes and backpacks around Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters...

Will Backpack for Baked Goods

It used to be that I saw backpacking as purely a way to enjoy the backcountry and a chance to escape to wilderness...

A Return to Backpacking

You would think that as someone who runs a hiking and backpacking website, that I would get out far more than I have in the past year, but the universe has conspired against me and kept me from overnight backpacking adventures.

Wallowa Mountain Backpacking Loops

The Wallowa Mountains in Northeast Oregon are known for their beautiful granite peaks, clear lakes, and deep valleys...

Portland Hikes

Portland is easily one of the top hiking cities in the entire US. Within an hour or two drive of this metropolis, lies a huge variety of landscapes, from deserts to a lush forested coast line...

Expansion of the Crater Lake Wilderness (OPB)

A push for more wilderness protection in Oregon.

The Best Sections of the PCT: #4 Southern Washington Cascades

Pacific Crest Trail hikers strive for the state of Washington. It was the crossing over the Bridge of the Gods which spans the Columbia River and connects Oregon and Washington where I first began to feel that our trip was in its final days...

Resources and Gear That Make Backpacking and Hiking Easier

Over the years, I have discovered a number of tools and gear items that have made planning and executing my hiking and backpacking adventures easier, safer and more enjoyable...

The Makings of an Epic Trip: Exploration

It had been circled on my map for several years. Up a small, trailless canyon was a waterfall that I had reason to suspect was at least mildly great.




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