Carbon Glacier trail

  • Region: Washington Cascades
  • Length: 3.5 miles
  • Min Elev: 2300 ft
  • Max Elev: 4000 ft
  • Season: Summer/Fall


From Mt. Ranier National Park’s Carbon River Entrance (northwest entrance), drive five miles past the entrance station to the trailhead at the Ipsut Creek Campground.

Trail Description

This is a trail offering access to the lowest-elevation Glacier in the Lower 48 (snout of Glacier Drops to 3’500’ elevation). The trail parallels the river for three miles until meeting the Wonderland Trail at three miles. Turn left as the trail crosses the river, then take a right turn (south) at the next fork to meet the glacier at 3.5 miles. The Wonderland Trail continues past the glacier offering plenty of hiking opportunities for those looking for a longer hike.


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