Chris Howard

Name: Chris Howard
Location: Portland
Occupation: Web Development/Teaching Music
Total Mileage: 109

Other Interests:
Music, guitar

Favorite Hikes:
Anything in the Wallowas and Alpine Lakes

Favorite Gear:
GoLite pack and pepsi can stove. . .oh, and my tarptent, except that it has a habit of trapping mice.

Moss Springs - Minam

 Moss Springs - Minam

Moss Springs - Minam

06.24.2005 - 12.31.1969
48 miles

For anyone interested in the snow level in the Wallowas - I hiked in via Moss Springs trailhead and down to the Minam River (via the Horse Ranch Trail) this past weekend (6/17-18). Both Moss Springs and Rock Creek Trailheads are open. I hiked up the Minam and then up the North Minam to camp in North Minam Meadows - very nice! The biggest qualm (other than the rapidly changing weather) was the volume of water on the trail because of the rain and the swollen creeks - lots of fording. I found a safe spot to cross the North Minam and hiked up the Green Lake trail. The (unsigned) official place to cross is too deep and would require a swim, but closer to the meadow are some shallow spots (mid-thigh). The trail to the lake has large patches of snow in spots but the lake is thawed and serene. Looking across to Wilson Basin it looked as if John Henry Lake would be accessible too from North Minam Meadows but the trail does cross a creek at the top of a waterfall that might be dangerous. All the passes are definitly snowed in!!! I heard that Lookingglass Lake was snow free but I won't know for sure until I go back. . .in a couple of weeks.


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