Name: Forrest Smith
Location: Portland
Occupation: Multiple Things
Total Mileage: 4208.55

Other Interests:
Photography, Art, Architecture

Favorite Hikes:
High Divide, Ice Lake, Rogue River, Goat Lake, Lake Magog

Favorite Gear:
Camera, Therm-rest

Echo Lake

 Echo Lake

Echo Lake

14 miles

Hiked the Greenwater River Trail northeast of Mt. Rainier National Park to Echo Lake.  Nice tall trees, great lake at the end.  Not a lot of views, but nice trail.


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By erlall on 03/26/2011  13:34

there is a nice 3 day loop if you leave from Greenwater Lakes, heading to Noble Knob (night 1) then down to Echo Lake (night 2) then a little stroll out. Just make sure you take water from Lost Lake before heading up to Noble Knob as there is no good water source from there until you reach Corral Pass Campground.


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