Name: Forrest Smith
Location: Portland
Occupation: Multiple Things
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Other Interests:
Photography, Art, Architecture

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High Divide, Ice Lake, Rogue River, Goat Lake, Lake Magog

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Camera, Therm-rest

Pamelia Lake 6/11

 Pamelia Lake 6/11

Pamelia Lake 6/11

06.17.2011 - 06.18.2011
8.5 miles

Despite the forecast of rain, my two younger sons and I headed up to the Detroit Lake area to backpack into Pamelia Lake for the weekend. Getting the Limited Entry pass was no problem as the cold weather and low snow levels are keeping people away. We began encountering snow about 3800' or so, and it was fairly constant for the last half mile of the short trek from the trailhead up to the lake. The campground itself was almost completely bare, just a couple of small patches of old slush here and there.

The loop trail past Pamelia Lake was blocked by snow after about a mile or so. The short trail up to the Pacific Coast Trail was mostly snow-free, as was PCT heading south from there, for a mile or so beyond the junction. PCT north of the junction was covered by several feet of snow. The sign post at the junction had been recently knocked down by a small tree. The post was held up by a cairn of rocks, so I cleared the post hole and righted the sign, doing my best to point the arrows in the proper directions.

After being drenched by progressively heavier rain, we decided to forego the second night and hike back out before dark. We hope to make the trip again in late summer or early fall when Grizzly Peak and the loop trail are open.


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By PDXHiker on 06/27/2011  08:39

Oh, Kendall, I'm sorry you & the kids didn't have a better time.


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