Name: Kim Kovacs
Location: Portland, OR
Occupation: Systems Engineer
Total Mileage: 410.6

Other Interests:
Kayaking, XC skiing (although I'm not very good at it), snowshoeing. Beyond the outdoors, I like arts events (plays, orchestra concerts, opera) and I love to read.

Favorite Hikes:
Paradise Park on Mt. Hood in mid-August; Goat Rocks; Ruckle Ridge Scramble

Favorite Gear:
Garmin GPS, K2 external frame backpack, Osprey Talon day pack.

Surveyor Ridge from FS 44

 Surveyor Ridge from FS 44

Surveyor Ridge from FS 44

7.8 miles

This was quite the adventure...

We had seen this trailhead the day before, having hiked the Dog River trail & seen where this one started.  "Let's come back tomorrow & explore this one!"  we said to one another.

The trail started just fine, relatively flat & pleasantly tree-lined for the first 1.75 miles.  Unfortunately, this section of the trail wasn't in very good shape, with lots of downed trees.  Nothing we couldn't scramble over, under or around, but it did make it more challenging for the mountain bikers we saw over the course of the day.

After 1.75 miles we hit a four-way intersection, with a wide jeep road going off to the left.  We opted to continue straight ahead, but the trail soon dead-ended into an impassible snag.  A side trail took us up to the road, with no trail in sight from there.  So we backtracked to the jeep track, a gravel road that had obviously been used by many mountain bikers. 

This was one of the few cases where we felt unprepared for the hike we'd undertaken, as our map was vague and seemed to indicate a trail off to the left of the road we were on, and there was no trail at all on our GPSs.  We spent the next three miles stopping to check both sources and peering off into the woods, as the track we were on seemed to be a drivable road and not the trail.  (This section was in great shape with lots of recent maintenance.)

We eventually hit an intersection at which we ran into horses, mountain bikers and trail runners -- a crowd of about 15 people -- and were told that yes, indeed, we'd been on the Surveyor Ridge trail all along.  A real trail turned left into the woods at that point, but we opted to shorten our day by hiking out to the road, making a loop out the the hike & cutting off two miles.

Tom really enjoyed this hike, I didn't enjoy it at all, so the jury's out as to whether it's a do-again.  We're planning to explore the rest of the trail soon, starting at the road where we hit it, just a few feet from the continuation of the trail where it becomes real trail again. 

We did discover this area was great for birding.  We'll definitely bring binoculars along the next time we do it, as we saw several less-familiar species in the high meadows (including possibly a Williamson Sapsucker). 


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