Name: Kim Kovacs
Location: Portland, OR
Occupation: Systems Engineer
Total Mileage: 410.6

Other Interests:
Kayaking, XC skiing (although I'm not very good at it), snowshoeing. Beyond the outdoors, I like arts events (plays, orchestra concerts, opera) and I love to read.

Favorite Hikes:
Paradise Park on Mt. Hood in mid-August; Goat Rocks; Ruckle Ridge Scramble

Favorite Gear:
Garmin GPS, K2 external frame backpack, Osprey Talon day pack.

Paradise Park from Road 39

 Paradise Park from Road 39

Paradise Park from Road 39

16 miles

This was a good choice for a hot day, as most of the trail was shaded.

6.5 miles up to trail 600.

There was a surprising amount of snow on Trail 600, although none of it was too difficult to cross.  We did the Paradise Park loop clockwise, and again ran into quite a bit of snow.  The flowers are way behind what we'd normally see up there this time of year, but the views are still very nice.  A friend of ours who was backpacking there this weekend was unable to reach the camp he intended to use because it was still under snow.  LOTS of people up there this weekend!


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