Name: Forrest Smith
Location: Portland
Occupation: Multiple Things
Total Mileage: 4208.55

Other Interests:
Photography, Art, Architecture

Favorite Hikes:
High Divide, Ice Lake, Rogue River, Goat Lake, Lake Magog

Favorite Gear:
Camera, Therm-rest

A Devil Named Jack Loop

 A Devil Named Jack Loop

A Devil Named Jack Loop

09.02.2011 - 09.05.2011
38 miles

North Cascades loop around Jack Mountain.

Left at 5:00 on Friday, which made the hike up to McMillan Park actually pretty nice (nice and cool, and fueled with some pizza and beer from our early dinner/late lunch in Winthrop).  Made it to a campsite just before dark.  Saturday, a beautiful walk along Jackita Ridge -- lots of ups and downs, some very steep trail, but incredible views.   Slept about a mile before Devil's Dome.  Seriously, probably some of the best views I have ever experienced.  Craggy mountains in all directions, huge glaciers, deep valleys...stunning.  Hiked to within a couple miles of the trailhead for an easy out on Monday. 

One of the all-time best backpacks--but pretty rough in spots.


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