Name: Forrest Smith
Location: Portland
Occupation: Multiple Things
Total Mileage: 4208.55

Other Interests:
Photography, Art, Architecture

Favorite Hikes:
High Divide, Ice Lake, Rogue River, Goat Lake, Lake Magog

Favorite Gear:
Camera, Therm-rest

Fawn Lake Loop

 Fawn Lake Loop

Fawn Lake Loop

07.07.2012 - 07.08.2012
10 miles

A nice hike into the eastern edge of the Diamond Peak Wilderness.  Mosquitoes were horrific, so we ended up reading and lounging in the tent for most of the evening.  Without a threat of rain and because it was a warm evening (and because we didn't want to get outside of the tent and be eaten by the mosquitoes), we slept without the fly off, which was great. 


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