Name: Greg Trapold
Location: Saint Helens, Oregon
Occupation: Lead HRA
Total Mileage: 306

Other Interests:
Photography, Backpacking, Horseback riding, and Landscaping

Favorite Hikes:
Still looking

Favorite Gear:
Osprey, Gregory, Black Diamond, The North Face, Cannon, REI, and Katadyn

Mount Rainiers' Northern Loop

 Mount Rainiers' Northern Loop

Mount Rainiers' Northern Loop

08.14.2013 - 08.17.2013
34 miles

Started at Sunrise parking lot, followed trail out passed Frozen Lake and down to Berkeley Park before reaching Fire Creek camp for the first night.  The next day was down to Winthrop river and up to James Lake.  After lunch it was still going up to Widy Gap and down to Yellowstone Cliffs camp for night 2.  After a hot breakfast it was back on the trail and head down to Cardon River and going up to Dick Creek camp for a lunch break.  Still continuing up I leveled out on to Moraine Park.  The trail followed Moraine creek that was full of flowers as I made my way to Mystic Lake.  Soon I was hiking a long the lake with Old Desolate as a backdrop and flowers follow the shoreline.  Mystic Lake camp would be my late night out.  It was a early start 6:30am with a long day ahead.  Reached the Winthrop river and after a short distance stop at a waterfall for a refill on water.  Granite Creek was the next stop before heading up the rest of the way to the pass befroe Skyscraper mountain.  Soon I was back at the car it was 12:35pm 


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