Katadyn Vario Water Filter

The Katadyn Vario water filter combines multiple filtration technologies to quickly and effectively clean your water. The bidirectional pumping speeds up the whole pumping process by utilizing both the down and upstroke when you are pumping.

The Vario utilizes a glass fiber filter, a ceramic pre-filter , that can be adjusted based on the overall dirtiness of the water you are trying to pump, and active charcoal, which helps to remove unpleasant odors and tastes from water. You can choose how much filtration power you need. For most cases, and for speedier, two liters per minute, pumping, you can use the glass fiber and active charcoal filter. If the water is dirtier and more cloudy, the ceramic pre-filter can be added into the mix to extend the life of the other filters.

This water filter provides a threaded bottle adapter built directly into the base, making it easy to attach your bottles directly to the filter. This helps immensely, when you are precariously perched on a rock over a stream, and trying to balance your bottles, water filter, and yourself. An outlet hose is provided if pumping into a water bag or other receptacle.

The glass fiber filter is good for up to 500 gallons, the activated charcoal should be replaced every 50 gallons, or every six months.


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